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Empty Plates Catering Services Limited
31 Netherfield
Tel: 07562001967
Gary McDonnell
Empty Plates Catering Services Limited
caterer, staff agency
Local company, based in the North-West of England, that specialises in placing high quality chefs in hotels, chains and restaurants. We do this in a very distinctive way that results in a win/win situation for both the chefs and the companies we place them into. We work to a clear set of brand values - Passion, Honesty, Teamwork, Consistency, Quality. We are a local business supporting local businesses and local chefs. Empty Plates is run by two professionals who understand the pressure points of a kitchen and the repercussions they can have on the service in the restaurant and in the hotel. We take care of our chefs with a higher wage and we have strong, sustainable relationships with them.
We provide the following services
  • Catering,
  • Temporary Chefs,