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Mike Shield
Business&Personal Insurance
Do we really need insurance…. Insurance, have you ever stopped to think about it….really? If we don’t have personal experience, we will certainly know of someone who has suffered a loss, damage to their property, had a severe illness or even passed away. Insurance can and does, on a daily basis, protect people and businesses from the financial burden of such eventualities. What people tend to do In essence, people protect everything but themselves. Of the 26.7 million households in the UK in 2013: 76% 20.4 million had contents insurance 75% 20.1 million had motor insurance 63% 17 million had buildings insurance 21% 5.7 million had whole of life assurance 7% 1.9 million had private medical insurance 2% 0.6 million had term life assurance 1% 0.3 million had income protection Source: ONS Living Cost & Food survey, 2013 My focus is to protect you, your family and your business - DO I REALLY NEED IT – it will never happen to me? It really is personal choice and your own attitude to risk. As they say with age often comes responsibility and it is then people think about the likelihood and consequences of certain events. A good adviser can put events into perspective and advise on the most appropriate protection. Never make a decision on the spot, always think about it first and way up your options. Using a whole of market adviser and their expertise enables you to obtain an inside track on which products are ‘Best in Class’ and most suitable for your individual needs. After all, we are all different. Did you know there are over 28 income protection providers, but if you go to your bank they will provide you with only one provider, what is the likelihood of that product being the most suitable for you? WHY BOTHER - it never pays out! £12.9 million per day to repair homes and replace contents £9.4 million per day for income protection, critical illness and life insurance claims*. £7.4 million paid per day for Private Medical Insurance claims £1.6 million paid per day in Pet insurance claims £1.01 million paid per day in Travel insurance claims *98% of protection claims were paid out, including 99% of term life insurance claims and 92% of critical illness claims. Why Mike? Like all things in a modern world they are constantly changing and unless you are in a particular industry, we rely on others for the best advice. This is even more the case in the insurance industry, I read the small print. Insurers are constantly changing, never mind products. I care about my clients, their families and theirs businesses enough to provide them with the best cover, within their budget. I do home visits at a time and location to suit you. Firstly, I’ll assess your needs, we carry out research to identify the most suitable products, give you time to review them and if you wish to proceed, I can obtain terms for you. Once you are happy to proceed I can place you on cover.
Working to protect you, your business and what you value
We provide the following services
  • Life or Earlier Critical Illness Insurance,
  • • Commercial Fleet,
  • • Employers Liability ,
  • • Income/Profit Protection (Short and Long Term),
  • • Keyman/ Shareholder/ Loan Protection,
  • • Private Medical Insurance,
  • • Professional indemnity,
  • • Property Owners,
  • • Public and Products liability ,
  • • Tax Efficient Relevant Life Plan,
  • • Wills & Estate Planning ,