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Sarah Stevenson
Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd
Synthetic Yarns
Bonar Yarns has been synonymous with synthetic turf since 1965, making innovative, ground breaking fibres that have transformed both sport and landscape. As one of the largest and oldest independent producers of synthetic yarns, Bonar Yarns is founded on over a century of expertise and experience. Bonar Yarns is a global market leader in supplying the most advanced yarns to the world's synthetic turf producers; and as part of a British based plc – Low and Bonar PLC – Bonar Yarns serve their global customer base from Dundee (Scotland) and Abu Dhabi (U.A.E) through strategic distribution hubs, to provide a local and comprehensive service.
Greatness is in the Detail
We provide the following services
  • Synthetic Yarns,
  • Synthetic Yarns for contact sports,
  • Synthetic yarns for design and architectural projects,
  • Synthetic yarns for landscape projects,
  • Synthetic yarns for non-contact Sports,
  • Woven carpet yarns for carpet backing,